Matt Damon-backed crypto platform sues lady

By The Exchange Team realised after 7 months to discover it transferred an Australian woman AU$10.5 million instead of the 100 dollars she requested.

The crypto site is suing Thevamanogari Manivel and her sister Thilagavathy Gangadory to recover its money, plus 10% interest and legal fees.

A Singapore-based trading platform employee entered an account number into the payment amount field in May 2021, court documents show.

During a regular audit in December 2021, found it had accidentally transferred Manivel millions of dollars.

According to the filing, Manivel spent around AU$1.35 million of the unintentional windfall on a property.

While crypto transactions are irreversible, centralized platforms can theoretically reverse payments in circumstances of fraud or error.

In this case, the corporation discovered the error seven months later, after part of the money had been spent.