Missed Last year's tax credits? How to claim by Nov. 15?

By The Exchange Team

People who don't file taxes might collect a federal tax credit that was temporarily increased last year.

The earned income tax credit was added to GetCTC.org, a streamlined filing tool, on Wednesday.

The maximum earned income tax credit for 2021 is $1,502 if you have no children and $6,728 if you have three or more.

To be eligible, your adjusted gross income for the year must fall between specific limits.

The site allows users claim the enhanced child tax credit, worth up to $3,600 per qualifying child, and the third stimulus check, worth $1,400 per person.

On GetCTC.org, the deadline to claim any money owed to you is November 15. The tool is aimed at persons who do not generally have an IRS reporting obligation

Such as single filers with less than $12,000 in annual income and married couples filing jointly with less than $25,000.