Mummy Pig has been played by the same actor for 18 years. She says it's a privilege to play the character.

By The Exchange Team

Since 2004, "Peppa Pig" has charmed pre-schoolers everywhere.

"In the early '90s, I did a sketch on British television called 'Absolutely,'" Banks said. "Peppa Pig" animators Neville Astley and Mark Baker were fans of the show.

""Jolly Rodger," an Oscar-nominated animated short, was offered to me. "Peppa Pig" followed "remarked.

Banks recorded for hours on her first session. "We had no idea how long things would take," she remarked.

"I want to retain the illusion, because it might be incredibly perplexing for youngsters if Mummy Pig doesn't look like the animated figure," she remarked.

"When they were small, we visited Peppa Pig World. They were surprised to hear my voice from a persona. They shrug."

She believed the show was well-written. "The writers always find something universal in the show. It's funny yet not condescending. It's all for me."