MLB Twitter reacts to Atlanta Braves acquiring star catcher Sean Murphy from Oakland Athletics: "Best team in MLB" "Braves get even better"

By The Exchange Team

Atlanta Braves acquired Oakland Athletics catcher Sean Murphy. Murphy, one of the main trade targets, will live in Atlanta.

The National League East is becoming MLB's strongest division.

Since the Atlanta Braves have two good catchers, the destination seems surprising. However, Gold Glove-winning Sean Murphy has a reliable offensive.

He hit.250 with 18 home runs in 2022. Now he can show his skills on a legitimate World Series contender.

Braves fans adored this deal. They're still trying to upgrade their lineup.

They defeated the Mets in 2022 and hope to improve in 2023.

A star-studded lineup with Ronald Acuna Jr. and Matt Olson benefits from Sean Murphy.