Nomad is offering a 10% bounty for the return of funds following a $190 million attack.

This week, the crypto startup Nomad lost approximately $190 million due to a devastating security exploit.

Nomad is offering a bounty of up to 10% on any funds returned to the company by the hackers involved.

The company said in a statement late Thursday that it has already recovered more than $20 million of the haul.

"The bounty is for those who come forward right now, as well as those who have already returned funds," Nomad explained.

Nomad said that it will not pursue legal action against any hackers who return 90% of the assets they stole, as these people will be considered "white hat" hackers.

It comes after a vulnerability in Nomad's code allowed hackers to steal approximately $190 million in tokens.

Users could input any value into the system and then withdraw the funds, even if there were insufficient assets on deposit.