Portugal is opening its borders and relaxing visa rules for residents from Lusophone countries interested in moving there to fill job vacancies which has created a crisis.

Portugal has simplified visa regulations for citizens of eight Portuguese-speaking nations to address a labour shortage.

The opportunities are in critical key industries, including administrative service, ICT, hospitality, construction, health and social services.

The Portuguese Council of Ministers decided to amend the law governing the entry, stay, departure, and removal of foreigners from Portugal’s national territory for residents of Lusophone countries.

Employers’ confederations have been asking for the immigration rules to be streamlined, pointing to an economic situation close to full employment.

With no workers available in key sectors such as hotels, agriculture, and construction, the changes intend to contribute to tackling the labour shortage in the country.

The changes intend to contribute to tackling the labour shortage in the country to revitalize the economy by promoting regular, safe, and orderly channels of migration.

From now on, visas to enter Portugal for citizens of any CPLP member state “must be immediately granted by the consular services."

Nationals of CPLP nations will receive preliminary visa applications and will not be required to appear for an interview at the Portuguese embassy in their home country.

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