The K-pop ETF creator calls Korean content a "inflection point."

By The Exchange Team

The designer of the new exchange-traded fund targeting worldwide Korean entertainment enthusiasts is confident.

The KPOP and Korean entertainment ETF, which debuted on Sept. 1, has fallen 23% to $15.05 on the New York Stock Exchange Arca.

This is consistent with the overall Kospi index, which has dropped more than 20% this year.

Despite global market uncertainty, Jangwon Lee, ETF founder, remains optimistic about the Korean entertainment business.

In an interview, Lee noted, “Content consumption, especially digital, is extremely resilient across recessionary and inflationary situations and longer term.”

YG Entertainment and Hybe have underperformed the market year-to-date, with YG down 26% and Hybe down 64%.

Lee of CT Investments and Contents Technologies said this fund will let global investors invest in creative content firms that will succeed.