evoBOT is a robot with two legs that function as powered wheels and arms with inward-facing disc-shaped grip pads.

It can move at speeds up to 10 meters per second and maintain balance on uneven terrain, including hills.

Dual optical cameras enable autonomous navigation and obstacle avoidance.

It can transform by extending to a horizontal orientation, allowing for different tasks.

This robot with its futuristic abilities could replace warehouse staff

evoBOT's versatility extends beyond logistics, making it useful in complex urban environments.

It is designed to be a friendly personal assistant for humans, capable of performing various tasks.

Fraunhofer IML, the company behind evoBOT, is a research services company based in Germany with a focus on robotics and technology.

evoBOT, a dynamically stable and autonomous transport robot developed by Fraunhofer, has unique features such as self-balancing

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