Tim Berners-Lee says to 'ignore' Web3 : Web3 isn't the web at all.

By The Exchange Team

By The Exchange Team

The creator of the web is sceptical of crypto visionaries' plans for its future and advises us to "ignore" them.

Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the WWW in 1989, said blockchain isn't a feasible solution for building the next internet.

He has his own web decentralization project called Solid.

Berners-Lee noted at the Web Summit in Lisbon that it's necessary to clarify new technology's effects.

"You need to understand what the terms we're discussing mean beyond the buzzwords."

"It's a shame Ethereum took the Web3 brand for their blockchain work. Web3 isn't the web."

Web3 is a hazy tech term used to suggest a decentralised future internet not dominated by Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.