Ways to Avoid falling Victims to false debt scammers.

By The Exchange Team

Almost 2,000 consumers who were duped into paying debts they did not owing are having their money returned to them.

More than a million dollars, or an average of $516 per payment, is being returned to victims by PayPal or mailed check.

The phantom debt collection scheme, which used some fake names, threatened victims with legal action if they didn't pay.

Request a debt validation letter

If a credit collection agency contacts you, sounds legit or not, you should get a debt validation letter.

Keep good records of past debts

It is extremely critical to be vigilant about maintaining your financial records in case situations like this arise.

Check your credit  report

This can provide you with more clarity than attempting to recall those information on your own.

Know your rights

Consumers should become acquainted with their rights in order to better defend themselves against creditors.