Top 7 Most Friendly Countries for Crypto Investment

Swiss banks were actually the first in the world to offer crypto companies business accounts in 2018. Today, the country classifies cryptocurrencies as assets.

Luxembourg is a country that has opened its arms to cryptocurrency, having been the first country in Europe to license virtual currency exchange platforms named Bitstamp

Gibraltar is a tiny country located south of Spain that draws blockchain-based companies, as it is known to be an attractive spot for doing business.

El Salvador officially legalizing the use of Bitcoin as a legal tender in 2021, thereby making it the first in the world to do so.

Singapore stands among the countries with the most friendly approach to cryptocurrency adoption.

Estonia is one of the few countries in the world that was the first to legalize cryptocurrency activity and continues to keep up with the development of technology.

Germany recently developed technology that allows investors to buy and sell securities on the blockchain in return for central bank money.