Why Podcast marketing could be beneficial for small businesses.

By The Exchange Team

A Baltimore court recently freed Adnan Syed. Many of us who listened to Serial's first season in 2014 thought Adnan's murder conviction was finally overturned.

Serial was also remarkable for another reason: it catapulted podcasting into the stratosphere.

That just got things started. To say podcasts are hot would be an understatement. After Looking at Edison Research.

More Americans listen to podcasts each week than have Netflix accounts: 80 million Americans were weekly podcast listeners in 2021.

Podcast listeners grew 30% in last 3 years. Podcast listeners watch average of 8 broadcasts every week.

Podcasts are popular and growing. It promotes your identity, business, and brand in a distinctive and memorable way, which is hard in today's media-saturated world.

Podcasting is an effective and economical technique for small businesses to attract new clientele.