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  • 2Africa consortium has laid the world’s largest submarine cable project off the coast of Muanda in the DRC.
  • The cable will connect 33 countries and enhance internet connectivity globally, offering economic potential across Africa, Asia, and Europe
  • Facebook parent firm Meta is a key stakeholder and partner in the project that is advancing digital inclusion and development in the region.

A huge milestone in the world of telecoms was marked on September 21st. This is the day when the 2Africa consortium, consisting of major telecom operators such as China Mobile International, Bayobab (formerly MTN Global Connect), Orange, center3 (formerly stc), Telecom Egypt, Vodafone, and WIOCC, successfully laid the 2Africa submarine cable off the coast of Muanda in the Kongo-Central province of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

This achievement, facilitated by collaboration with Meta (formerly Facebook), heralds the arrival of the world’s largest submarine cable project, poised to connect 33 …

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In a recent announcement during the US-Africa Business Roundtable in the United States, Kenya’s President William Ruto revealed that Safaricom, a leading telecommunications company, is establishing a strategic partnership with Apple Inc. The Safaricom-Apple partnership will integrate the widely-used mobile money platform, M-Pesa, with Apple’s ecosystem. This integration will expand M-Pesa’s mobile financial services globally.
President William Ruto announced the deal after he toured Silicon Valley in San Francisco Bay, United States, on 16 September. The Kenyan leader is fast gaining popularity across Africa and globally. He has led from the front in marketing Kenya as a conducive ground for foreign business to thrive.…

  • Starlink, SpaceX’s satellite internet service, has shown strong performance in Nigeria and Rwanda during the second quarter of 2023.
  • In Nigeria, Starlink outperformed traditional fixed broadband providers, delivering a median download speed of 63.69Mbps.
  • Starlink’s internet speeds were substantially faster than the combined median speed of all fixed broadband providers in Nigeria at 15.60Mbps.

Starlink, SpaceX’s satellite internet service, has shown strong results in Nigeria and Rwanda during the second quarter of 2023, in the fast-changing landscape of internet connectivity in Africa.

According to Speedtest Intelligence data, Starlink has outperformed traditional fixed broadband providers in terms of download speeds in Nigeria, while making notable strides in Rwanda despite some latency challenges.

Starlink in Nigeria

Starlink made its debut on the African continent in Nigeria in January 2023 and has already begun to make its presence felt. The Speedtest Intelligence data for the second quarter of 2023 revealed that Starlink users …

Kenya has bagged three green investment deals at the recently concluded Africa Climate Summit. The sustainable trade investment deals will see the East African nation partner with Sweden, South Africa and Hong Kong to enhance food security and air travel in the country. The parties involved announced the three deals during a sideline event of the 2023 Africa climate summit in Nairobi.…

The COVID-19 pandemic drastically altered the global education landscape. Consequently, it pushed educators to innovate rapidly and adapt to new modes of teaching and learning. In Southern Africa, the pandemic prompted a swift shift towards blended learning. This involved a combination of in-person and online education, as schools and universities temporarily closed their physical doors. The need to ensure continuity in education while minimizing the risks of virus transmission drove this unprecedented change in the education sector. Among the various approaches adopted during this period, e-learning emerged as a powerful tool with the potential to revolutionize education in Southern Africa. As such, the region’s education sector can harness the power of gamification to shape a brighter future for its students.…

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  • Kenya has partnered with Spiro, Africa’s first electric bike maker, to address the rising concern of high fuel costs.
  • President William Ruto plans on setting up 3000 battery charging and swapping stations in Kenya.
  • Today, the UN Environment Program is active in nine African countries.

As the world steadily shifts into the new industrial age, many governments have taken the necessary steps to ensure they do not miss out. Among the wave of ingenuity, the 4th industrial revolution has brought the growing need for alternative energy sources.

As a result, the age of electronic vehicles is upon us, and the Kenyan government has pioneered this new initiative. President William Ruto recently announced an electronic bike movement to completely redefine transportation for the nations.

The government has announced a new partnership with the African startup Spiro to battle the high fuel cost by introducing electrical motorcycles. 

Kenya partners with e-bikers firm

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) recently published the Economic Development for Africa 2023 Report. The document, titled "The Potential of Africa to Capture Technology-Intensive Global Supply Chains," looks at Africa's capacity to become a prominent player in global supply chains for "high-technology" industries, which include automobiles, mobile phones, green energy, and healthcare.…

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  • Mobile phone numbers serve as vital identifiers, connecting individuals to their devices, and enabling unique recognition.
  • TrustPid is a privacy-led identification solution that harnesses mobile numbers as unique identifiers.
  • As mobile usage grows across Africa, the importance of identifying consumers through mobile phone numbers is critical.

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, a groundbreaking collaboration is taking shape as four major European telecom giants join forces to create TrustPid–an innovative advertising ID system.

TrustPid is a privacy-led identification solution that harnesses mobile numbers as unique identifiers, revolutionizing the digital marketing of publishers and brands, especially in the face of the imminent extinction of third-party cookies.

This endeavor not only addresses the challenges posed by the evolving digital ecosystem but also highlights Africa’s pivotal role in shaping the global tech landscape. Interestingly, the roots of this groundbreaking initiative can be traced back to Africa’s own innovation hub and mobile marketing pioneer, …

  • Talks between President William Ruto and TikTok’s CEO Shou Zi Chew will see the video sharing platform set up Kenya office to oversight Africa
  • The move comes a week after a call to ban TikTok for sharing explicit content was tabled in Parliament. 

Video sharing platform TikTok has agreed to establish a Kenyan office aimed at enhancing content moderation and operational efficiency across Africa. This decision comes against the backdrop of existing legal issues related to content moderation in Kenya.

Following discussions with President Ruto William, TikTok’s CEO, Shou Zi Chew, has made a commitment to set up a dedicated office in Kenya, responsible for coordinating TikTok’s activities across the African continent.

This meeting, held on August 24, 2023, gains significance in light of recent debates concerning the potential ban of TikTok due to sharing of explicit content in the country. The office’s establishment aligns with President William Ruto’s assertion

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