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Tripesa secures funding to digitize tourism MSMEs

The simple, no-code Tripesa platform makes it possible for proprietors of small businesses in the tourist and hospitality industries to conduct online sales and manage all aspects of their companies.

The platform makes it possible for a micro, small, or medium-sized organisation (MSME) in the tourism industry to construct and administer a website, collect bookings and payments, and access a dashboard for managing client relationships even if they have no prior experience with IT.

Over 260 travel and tourist enterprises from Uganda and Kenya are registered on the Tripesa platform.…

The public sector in many African countries continues to struggle to deliver healthcare.

This is according to data by Medical Credit Fund which indicates that more than fifty percent of Africans are forced to use private healthcare facilities as an alternative.

Medical Credit Fund is a not-for-profit initiative exclusively dedicated to financing small and medium-sized healthcare companies in Africa.

The Fund notes that many private healthcare facilities are mainly run as health small and medium sized healthcare companies and are the ones that serve the lower income groups.

These however have poor infrastructure and equipment and limited means to invest in quality improvement.

The Fund also reveals that commercial banks often shy away from health SMEs because they consider them to be too risky.

IMF approves $1b to Ghana to address COVID-19

Change of Tune

To grow this SME sector, those in business are now turning to credit.

According to …

Nigeria has a rich venture capital environment and in our new reality, startups will need to adapt to fund themselves. Fabio Scala from FurtherAfrica spoke to Aderonke Alex-Adedipe, a partner of Pavestones Nigeria to understand how the upcoming regulations will impact the market, particularly in regards to crowdfunding platforms and the eligibility and limitations companies may see in effect once the crisis is over.…