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In the East African powerhouse, agriculture insurance startup Pula Advisors was featured on the list for its innovation and impact in using technology to provide agriculture insurance to millions of smallholder farmers in emerging markets.

The firm which was founded in 2014 has used technology products through agriculture insurance and digital agronomy to advise and ensure many farmers adapt to an increasingly unpredictable climate.

“Farmers in emerging markets are the most hardworking citizens of the world yet the most likely to already feel the impact of climate change. The future is in farmers’ hands; they only need the appropriate technology and tools and then they can feed the world,” The firm’s CEO Thomas Njeru said.…

The public sector in many African countries continues to struggle to deliver healthcare.

This is according to data by Medical Credit Fund which indicates that more than fifty percent of Africans are forced to use private healthcare facilities as an alternative.

Medical Credit Fund is a not-for-profit initiative exclusively dedicated to financing small and medium-sized healthcare companies in Africa.

The Fund notes that many private healthcare facilities are mainly run as health small and medium sized healthcare companies and are the ones that serve the lower income groups.

These however have poor infrastructure and equipment and limited means to invest in quality improvement.

The Fund also reveals that commercial banks often shy away from health SMEs because they consider them to be too risky.

IMF approves $1b to Ghana to address COVID-19

Change of Tune

To grow this SME sector, those in business are now turning to credit.

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The UK-based development finance institution and impact investor, CDC, invested $40 million dollars into Liquid Telecom. The deal is part of an equity arrangement initially structured in 2018 when the CDC made a $180 million dollar transaction. 

The investment will fund the expansion of Liquid Telecoms, Africa Data Centres with the aim of positioning the company as the top data center operation in Africa.

Data centers reduce costs for businesses by offering affordable data storage. In addition, the development of software as a service (Saas) applications will spur innovation and increased activities in start-ups as it allows for improved delivery of software such as office software, payroll processing, collaboration tools, and human resource management among others. 

Liquid Telecom is a communications solutions provider that offers independent fiber, data centers, and cloud technology. It operates across sub-Saharan Africa with a footprint in 13 countries. The company has built the largest fiber