Virginia running back Perris Jones was moving all of his extremities after taking a helmet-to-helmet hit late in the third quarter against Louisville on Thursday night.

Jones was taken to the University of Louisville hospital after the hit and school officials said he had regained movement in all of his extremities sometime after arriving there. 

Coach Tony Elliott said in an earlier postgame press conference that he was getting "encouraging" news from the hospital regarding Jones' condition. He added that Jones was getting an MRI at the hospital but didn't offer any specifics beyond that.

Jones had taken a swing pass and started running up field when he was hit. Jones fumbled on the play and fell forward in a pile of multiple Louisville players. 

Because the play happened near the Louisville sideline, Louisville trainers immediately ran out to offer assistance. 

Virginia receiver Malik Washington picked up the fumble and scored a touchdown, but the attention was already on Jones, as officials from both teams huddled around him. 

Virginia players, some in tears, took a knee as they watched on in stunned silence. Jones is roommates with fellow running back Mike Hollins, who survived a shooting that killed three of their teammates last November. 

The one-year anniversary of the deaths of Devin Chandler, Lavel Davis Jr. and D'Sean Perry is Monday. 

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