Friday, June 9
South Sudan Oil & Power 2023

The South Sudan Oil & Power (SSOP) 2023 summit will emphasizes the partnership between South Africa and South Sudan. Scheduled for 14 to16 June in Juba, the 6th edition of the SSOP will include the African Energy and Mining Business Forum. The summit will highlight the collaborative relationship between South Africa and South Sudan.

Dr. Kamau Thugge

On 15 May, President William Ruto nominated Kamau Thugge as the new governor of the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK). If the Senate and the National Assembly ratify the appointment, Thugge will begin his first term as the CBK governor in mid-June. He will replace the incumbent Patrick Njoroge who assumed office as CBK governor in 2015.

The nomination of Thugge comes at a pivotal time for the Kenyan economy. Kenya’s inflation remains high at almost 8 per cent. The Kenyan shilling has also hit all-time lows against the US dollar. Thus, the monetary policies from the CBK will most likely come in handy in the coming months. But what makes Thugge the perfect fit for the crucial role of Kenya’s top banker?



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