Ukraine has secured F-16 fighter jets, a major political achievement for President Volodymyr Zelensky.

F-16 commitment comes from the Netherlands and Denmark, authorized by Washington.

The F-16 jets provide new capabilities to Ukraine's war effort.The F-16 is a suitable fighter requested by Ukraine to match advanced Russian aircraft.

These jets will help narrow the capability gap with more advanced Russian planes.

The Ukrainian air force needs 128 fighter aircraft to replace its aging fleet, along with training aircraft and transport planes.

F-16 use requires intensive training for pilots, and training could take several months.

Challenges include aircraft maintenance, spare parts acquisition, and reliance on civilian contractors.

The political significance of the donated F-16s is substantial, as it shows Western military assistance and support.

The F-16 jets alone may not guarantee airspace control, as both sides have advanced air defense systems.

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