The world of Android Auto and CarPlay adapters keeps growing, allowing users to convert a wired connection into wireless for added convenience.

However, a new adapter category gains ground at a fast pace as it transforms a regular Android Auto and CarPlay connection into full Android.

Not long ago, I told you about CARLUEX Pro, an adapter whose goal was to turn wired CarPlay into a full Android computer connected to your infotainment screen. With full Android, you can enjoy the freedom of Google's mobile operating without struggling with app restrictions or anything similar.

A full Android computer also offers easy access to the likes of Netflix and YouTube (you could also enable these apps on Android Auto and CarPlay if you know where to look for instructions), so adapters powering the conversion rapidly grow in popularity.

CarLuex, the maker of the device I reviewed earlier this year, is now working on a new adapter. Called CarLuex 3.0 Mini, the device is mainly aimed at BMW models, with the company explaining that 98 percent of the cars produced by the German brand should be supported. 

If your BMW rolled off the assembly lines between 2015 and 2022 with at least iDrive 7, it should work correctly with the new adapter. The latest models are also supported.

The Pro version didn't support BMW cars, but the Mini version, specifically built with the German brand in mind, is also likely to work with other vehicles. 

I doubt that the company will put restrictions in place to block the connection to non-BMW cars, so pretty much anyone should be able to get full Android as long as their car comes with wired Android Auto and CarPlay support.

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