We are still likely a few months away from Apple's launch of its highly anticipated Vision Pro mixed reality headset. The company still says it's due out sometime in "early 2024" for a very high price of $3,499.

However, a new report claims that Apple is already zeroing in on the hardware specs for the second-generation version of the Vision Pro. 

MacRumors, citing unnamed sources, claims the internal code name for the second-gen Vision Pro headset at Apple is "Project Alaska". It reports that the overall design of Vision Pro 2 is not much different than the first version that will launch in 2024.

This new report claims that one difference is the placement of the speakers on the headset. In the first Vision Pro, they are placed on the strap on either side and look like ovals. MacRumors claims that Vision Pro 2 will design the speakers as "temples that are flat and uniform throughout their entire length.

" The report also says there are references to an audio accessory in the device's documentation, which could mean the headset might support an external speaker. 

The headset is supposed to have two micro-OLED displays, and several cameras, including a TrueDepth camera, two RGB cameras, two low-light infrared illuminators, and four computer vision cameras.

The Vision Pro 2 is currently targeting a release in late 2025 or early 2026, according to the report. Previous rumors have claimed Apple is also working on a lower-priced version of the headset that would reportedly cost between $1,500 to $2,500, but would have fewer cameras and lower resolution displays, among other changes.

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