Thieves are exploiting the iPhone passcode to gain access to victims' entire digital lives, leading to financial loss and privacy invasion.

This issue has been reported in various cities, with criminals targeting people at bars and social venues.

🔒 iPhones' passcodes are being used to unlock victims' Apple IDs, leading to the loss of personal data, photos, and contacts.

💰 Thieves are stealing thousands of dollars from victims' bank accounts and opening credit cards using stolen iPhones.

🕵️‍♂️ Investigations reveal thieves work together in organized robbery rings to carry out these attacks.

📱 Changing the Apple ID password and disabling "Find My iPhone" are the first steps taken by thieves to lock out the victim.

🛡️ Protect yourself by using a strong alphanumeric passcode, enabling additional passcode protection for financial apps, and deleting sensitive photos.

🚫 Victims are urged to remove passwords from iCloud Keychain and consider using third-party password managers for better security.

🍎 Apple acknowledges the issue but emphasizes the rarity of such attacks and promises to improve user account security.

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