Apple faces challenges due to EU rules mandating USBC charging ports for electronic devices.

Conversation between Apple's Craig Federighi and Greg Joswiak regarding the issue.

Apple's disagreement with prescriptive government regulations and preference for technical innovation.

AppTracking Transparency (ATT) introduced to give users control over data sharing with other companies.

Apple's focus on user permission for data sharing to enhance privacy.Clarification that Apple's motivation for ATT was driven by its privacy agenda, not advertising expansion.

Emphasis on Apple's commitment to privacy and user consent in advertising.

Navigating the intersection of privacy and advertising in the tech industry.Distinguishing Apple's privacy-focused motivations from advertising intentions.

The philosophy behind AppTracking Transparency (ATT) and user data control. Apple's commitment to transparent and ethical data-sharing practices.

Insights from a conversation between Apple's Craig Federighi and Greg Joswiak. Balancing government mandates with innovative engineering solutions.

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