Jared Leto, known for his ‘method acting’ and immersing himself in a role, has once again stunned the world. He created history with his stunt of climbing the famous Empire State Building in New York City. 

The actor pulled this huge feat to announce his band Thirty Seconds to Mars’ 2024 tour. Leto also shared his experience in an interview; scroll below to learn more! 

This year, in September, the Morbius star was spotted climbing a Berlin Hotel, and the internet had some crazy reactions to it. And this time around, too, they are having fun in the comment sections.

For the unversed, the iconic building in NYC is 1000+ feet tall and provides a great view of the City. The Empire State Building is one of the famous tourist spots in the City and has been shown in many Hollywood films, too. 

Videos of Jared Leto climbing the Empire State Building have gone viral on every social media, including X. The building’s official handle shared the footage of Leto climbing it in an orange jumpsuit on their X. 

The video with the caption, “In 1933, King Kong climbed the Empire State Building. In 2023, @JaredLeto took his place,” showed him all harnessed up as he made his way to the top. 

Netizens have some amusing reactions to it as they take over the post’s comment section to share it with the world. One wrote, “Somebody tell Spider-Man that Morbius has been spotted scaling the Empire State Building.”

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