WhatsApp is introducing a new security feature called "Protect IP address in calls" in its beta versions for Android and iOS.

The feature aims to protect user privacy by safeguarding against threats like unauthorized access to location and eavesdropping on calls.

WABetaInfo first discovered the feature, and it is currently available in the latest WhatsApp beta releases for both Android and iOS.

Users can enable the feature in the "Privacy" settings under the "Advanced" section, which routes calls through WhatsApp servers to protect IP addresses.

WhatsApp ensures that with this feature enabled, all calls will be end-to-end encrypted, preventing even WhatsApp from accessing the content of conversations.

The feature may slightly affect call quality due to the encryption and routing involved.

While currently accessible to some beta testers, WhatsApp plans to make it available to all users in the future, although the specific release date is unknown.

The messaging platform has recently introduced other features such as WhatsApp Channels for following influencers and celebrities.

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