A day after Palestinian militant group Hamas launched its brutal attack on Israel, a curious video emerged out of Tehran’s Azadi stadium.

Hundreds of soccer fans, gathered to watch a match between Perspolis FC and Gol Gohar Sirjan FC, chanted in unison

The vulgar protest came in response to officials attempting to raise a Palestinian flag in the stadium to show support for the October 7 attack

But for the fans, it was another unwelcome mixing of politics and soccer, and a stark reminder of the Iranian government’s involvement in proxy battles in far-flung arenas.

Hamas’ attack, which killed 1,400 people according to Israeli authorities, prompted a fierce aerial campaign on Gaza that has so far killed more than 7,000 people, according to the health ministry in Hamas-controlled Gaza.

And there are now concerns that more fronts will open in the war, including one with Iran.

Experts say that while Iran is wary of being dragged into the Israel-Hamas war

it may not be in full control if the militias it backs in the region independently intervene as Hamas suffers heavy blows and the death toll in Gaza continues to mount.

Israel’s defense minister last week said that Israel was not interested in another war with Hezbollah

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