The iconic Volkswagen Type two bus, known for its split windows and distinctive style, is making a comeback as an electric vehicle called the ID Buzz.

The Volkswagen Type two bus was first introduced in 1950 and became deeply ingrained in American culture.

It became a symbol of counterculture movements, including the hippie movement and civil rights activism.

Four generations of the Type two bus were sold worldwide from 1950 to 2003.

The Type two was successful due to its size, packaging efficiency, reliability, and affordability.

Different generations of the bus had rear engines, varying window configurations, and safety features.

Volkswagen stopped importing the bus to the US for 20 years, creating a subculture of enthusiasts.

The electric ID Buzz was introduced in 2017 and is expected to arrive in North America by 2024.

Volkswagen is investing heavily in EVs, with plans to have more than 60% of its vehicles be electric by 2030.

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