Canada bans WeChat on government devices due to security concerns. WeChat, a Chinese-owned app, often dubbed as the "everything app"

Concerns about potential use of WeChat for spying on users One of the most widely used apps globally, especially in China and Southeast Asia

Canada's ban effective immediately, with no evidence of compromised government information through WeChat

Canada also taking action on Russia-based Kaspersky, removing and blocking its usage  WeChat deemed a greater security threat than TikTok by many experts

Former US President Trump attempted to ban WeChat in 2020, but it was halted by an injunction

 The Canadian government has banned the Chinese messaging application WeChat on government-issued mobile devices.

The ban comes after an assessment that WeChat and Russian antivirus program Kaspersky “present an unacceptable level of risk to privacy and security”.

The ban is part of a broader trend of countries tightening digital borders, particularly against Chinese and Russian tech companies.

 WeChat is one of China’s most popular apps, sometimes referred to as the “everything app” - like WhatsApp, Facebook, Amazon, and Tinder all in one .

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