The Canadian government has demanded that Meta (formerly known as Facebook) lift a ban on domestic news sharing on its platforms.

Meta had blocked news on Facebook and Instagram in Canada due to a new law requiring internet giants to pay for news articles.

The ban has prevented people from sharing important information about wildfires in western Canada, particularly in the remote town of Yellowknife.

Heritage Minister Pascale St-Onge criticized Meta's decision, stating that it hampers access to crucial information and hurts the safety of Canadians facing emergencies.

Transport Minister Pablo Rodriguez also highlighted the lack of access to essential information due to the ban.

Chris Bittle, a legislator from the ruling Liberal Party, criticized Meta's actions as reckless and irresponsible.

Yellowknife's Cabin Radio station reported that people were resorting to posting screenshots of information on Facebook since they couldn't share news links.

Meta responded by activating the "Safety Check" feature on Facebook, allowing users to indicate their safety during natural disasters or crises.

Canadians can still access content from official government agencies, emergency services, and NGOs on Facebook and Instagram.

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