This is the power bank you want to get if you're looking for a device that's reliable, affordable, and can easily charge your smartphone. 

The Anker 313 power bank has been an Amazon favorite since its inception back in 2019, driving over 90,000 reviews, and garnering an average rating that comes in at 4.5 stars.

While it normally sits at $18, right now, for a limited time, you can score an additional 25% off the already discounted price, dropping it down to its lowest yet. 

Although the discount isn't huge, you're getting a great power bank that's easy on the wallet and comes from a brand that's trusted. 

So if you've been looking for a power bank for travel, or just need something to keep in your bag while on the go, this one is going to be it.

The Anker 313 power bank provides 10,000mAh of battery in a slim and compact package. That means this power bank has more than enough power to keep your smartphone topped up, 

And should be able to charge up most phones up to two times. Furthermore, with this capacity, you can also keep most popular tablets topped up as well.

The device also utilizes technologies to keep you and your devices safe, with PowerIQ and VoltageBoost to keep your device charging at optimal rates when having one or multiple devices plugged in. 

This technology can also preserve the battery on low-power devices, offering a trickle charge mode meant for earbuds, Bluetooth speakers, and other accessories.

 For the most part, this is a quality power bank and an excellent option if you need a quality product for a low price.

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