Apple's forthcoming Vision Pro headset is set to offer a unique feature: screen mirroring through either AirPlay or FaceTime, as per details discovered in the recent release of visionOS 1.0 beta 4. 

This exciting development means users will have the ability to project their Vision Pro display onto an external monitor or TV or share their perspective with others using AirPlay or FaceTime.

The beta code reveals specific prompts, such as "select a device to mirror content to from your Apple Vision Pro," and highlights that only one activity is possible while mirroring or sharing via AirPlay or FaceTime.

Additionally, visionOS 1.0 beta 4 introduces a new option to reset EyeSight data. EyeSight is a feature that showcases a user's simulated eyes on the external display of the Apple Vision Pro. 

The process involves navigating to Settings, selecting People Awareness, and tapping on Reset Personalised EyeSight.

This action clears personalised eye details, like eye shape and measurements, though skin tone data remains intact. Restoring EyeSight is achievable by re-capturing your Persona.

The beta version also includes informative alerts, such as notifications about the unavailability of calls in Travel Mode, reminders to adjust lighting for optimal Persona usage, and warnings about videos with excessive motion that might lead to discomfort when expanded.

The company has slated the release of the Vision Pro for early 2024 in the US, with plans to introduce it in other countries at a later date. This innovative headset promises to be a significant leap forward in augmented reality technology, offering users an immersive and dynamic experience.

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