China's youth unemployment rate is at a record high, with over 21% of urban youth under 24 being unemployed.

A record number of 11.6 million university students are set to graduate, intensifying competition for jobs.

High-tech sectors and advanced manufacturing are expanding, but not enough jobs have been created in these areas.

Regulatory crackdowns have negatively impacted the private sector, which provides the majority of jobs.

Popular majors like information technology and finance are affected by job shortages due to regulatory changes.

The cost of living has outpaced salary growth, creating a mismatch in salary expectations and job offers.

Some young people are employed by their parents as "full-time children" due to limited job opportunities.

Rural revitalization efforts aim to improve infrastructure and create jobs in the countryside.

The youth unemployment crisis is expected to worsen as millions of new graduates enter the job market.

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