**Impact on Indian Farmers:** Torrential rains in India's Haryana state have led to floods that submerged rice paddies, causing significant damage to crops. Farmers like Satish Kumar are facing losses and are forced to take loans to replant their fields.

**Export Ban on Rice:** India, the world's largest exporter of rice, implemented a ban on exporting non-basmati white rice to curb rising prices domestically and ensure food security. This ban includes additional restrictions on rice exports, such as a 20% duty on parboiled rice exports.

**Global Food Inflation Concerns:** The export ban has raised fears of global food inflation, affecting the livelihoods of farmers and prompting rice-dependent countries to seek exemptions. Over three billion people worldwide rely on rice, with India contributing about 40% of global rice exports.

**Disruption of Global Food Supplies:** Economists warn that this ban adds to disruptions in global food supplies caused by events like Russia's invasion of Ukraine and weather phenomena like El Niño, with the poor in Global South nations likely to be impacted.

**Farmers' Struggles:** Farmers like Satish Kumar express concerns that the ban will not lead to higher prices for them and that the floods combined with the ban will have a severe negative impact on their livelihoods.

**Price Impact:** Panic buying in the United States following the announcement of the ban led to a sharp increase in rice prices, reaching a near 12-year high. The ban does not apply to basmati rice, but non-basmati white rice makes up a significant portion of exports.

**Global Concerns and Similar Actions:** India's ban, combined with other disruptions, has raised concerns about grain availability and potential hunger worldwide. There are worries that other suppliers might follow suit, exacerbating the situation.

**Appeals and IMF's Encouragement:** Countries like Nepal, Vietnam, and Thailand have seen rice prices surge. Some nations have appealed to India to resume rice exports. The IMF encourages India to lift restrictions to avoid exacerbating food inflation uncertainty globally.

**Climate Impact:** Late monsoon arrival and subsequent heavy rains damaged crops. The World Meteorological Organization's warning about extreme weather events and El Niño's influence on global weather patterns have affected farmers' ability to grow rice.

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