CNBC’s top 200 global fintech companies: The complete list

CNBC partnered with independent research firm Statista to establish a transparent overview of the top fintech companies.

Statista analyzed over 1,500 firms across nine different market segments, evaluating each one against a set of key performance indicators, including revenue, user numbers, and total funding raised.

The final list includes some of the biggest companies in the sector — Ant Group, Tencent, PayPal, Stripe, Klarna and Revolut 

The categories include: Neobanking Digital payments Digital assets Digital financial planning Digital wealth management Alternate financing Alternate lending Digital banking solutions Digital business solutions

You can search by country, category, or company name to see which firms made the cut.

To identify the top 200 fintech companies, Statista carried out a quantitative analysis of the global market across nine categories.

These categories reflect the fact that fintechs in different fields can’t be compared like-for-like. A business like Monzo, for example, operates in a very different manner to Stripe

To help with the research, CNBC issued a public call for nominations in March, giving eligible fintechs the chance to share more information on their business model, revenue, transaction volumes, and other key data.

More than 1,500 fintech companies were assessed by Statista during the analysis period, and over 10,000 data points were assessed, including annual reports, company websites, and news articles.

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