Gamescom, which is the world's largest gaming event, celebrated its 15th anniversary from August 23-27 in Cologne, Germany. Game, hardware, and software companies from 63 countries filled up the 230,000 square-meter exhibition space where gaming fans came together from all over the world.

Among the 1,320 companies, Samsung Electronics set up its largest Gamescon booth ever, which measured 752 square meters. Samsung displayed its future vision of gaming and an upgraded Odyssey gaming monitor lineup. 

Apart from Samsung Odyssey, gaming TVs, the Samsung Gaming Hub, mobiles, and storage technologies were also displayed at Gamescon.

It offers an immersive gaming experience, and Ben Holmes, Director of Europe Display Marketing for Samsung Electronics, touted it as “Samsung's most immersive monitor ever.”

The Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 is powered by an AMD processor. It is designed to not only provide a breathtaking gaming experience but also look spectacular, perfectly matching a gamer's vibe. 

The Odyssey Neo G9 has all the connectivity ports, and in addition to HDMI 2.1, the Odyssey Neo G9 supports VESA-certified DP (Display Port) 2.1 connectivity. It has a high refresh rate of 240Hz for optimal and smooth gameplay.

Other than the Odyssey Neo G9, gaming fans could also get their hands on the upgraded Odyssey Ark (G97NC) and the 49-inch Odyssey OLED G9 (G95SC), all in one place, at Samsung's booth at the Gamescom event.

 Samsung also debuted an updated Odyssey Ark display that features the new Multi-View, allowing users to see input from up to 4 devices simultaneously.

With Samsung Gaming Hub, users can access gaming titles from a variety of game partners, such as Xbox and NVIDIA GeForce NOW, without connecting their consoles. 

Samsung also announced a partnership with NEXON to bring HDR10+ GAMING technology. Reportedly, NEXON is developing the world's first HDR10+ game, ‘The First Descendant.'

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