Google Cloud is partnering with Sign Catch to help Farmers Producers Organisations (FPOs) benefit from ONDC, enabling them to build catalogues and reach out to merchants across India.

Through the 'A App', a collaboration with Axis My India, Google Cloud aims to democratize information on citizen services, potentially impacting over 250 million Indian households and a billion people.

The 'A App' will use generative AI technology for two-way communication in 13 Indian languages, facilitating interactions between the government, corporate social services, and citizens.

A use case of the 'A App' involves locating Ayushman Bharat Hospitals for users and curating information for similar queries.

Google Cloud is partnering with Bhashini and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology to make government services more "language responsive" using generative AI and language models.

Google Cloud is launching a center of excellence on generative AI and language to accelerate the development of citizen-centric services in Indic languages, aiming to train over 1 million professionals and students with Gen AI knowledge and skills.

Most of the new services will be powered by Vertex AI, ensuring data security, authentication, and appropriate model selection for various use cases.

Google Cloud's partnership with Cert-in aims to enhance India's cybersecurity training and skilling, including training 1,000 government officials in cyber defense best practices and providing 100,000 scholarships for Google cybersecurity certification, taught by Google experts.

Vertex AI to power new Google enterprise services ensuring data security, authentication, and appropriate model selection.

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