Google is developing an Android WebView Media Integrity API to prevent unauthorized access and modifications on Android phones. 

The API is aimed at preventing fraud and abuse but could potentially be used to protect copyright and stop adblocking on mobile YouTube. 

It could potentially impact third-party YouTube apps that use WebView to prevent ads, such as YouTube Vanced and its alternatives. 

The API allows websites embedded in WebViews to check the integrity of an Android phone and deny access if the device is deemed unfit. 

Some YouTube Vanced successors modify the official YouTube app itself, making it harder for Google's new API to detect them. 

Google's new API aims to protect embedded media providers and prevent unwanted modifications or enhancements to media content. 

Google plans to start piloting the Android WebView Media Integrity API in early 2024 for select embedded media providers. 

The API could be part of Google's efforts to combat adblocking on YouTube and protect copyright holders. 

Google already employs copyright protection measures like Widevine for streaming services like Netflix. 

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