Google will require political ads on its platforms to disclose the use of artificial intelligence in creating images and audio to combat the spread of synthetic content, with these rules coming into effect in November.

Google is responding to the rise of AI-generated synthetic content by implementing new rules for political ads.

The new rules will be implemented in November, a year before the upcoming US presidential election.

The fear is that AI-generated content could amplify disinformation during election campaigns.

Google's existing policies already prohibit manipulating digital media for political deception.

Election-related ads must now "prominently disclose" if they contain "synthetic content" that portrays real or realistic-looking individuals or events.

Suggested labels for disclosure include phrases like "this image does not depict real events" or "this video content was synthetically generated."

Google also bans demonstrably false claims that could undermine trust in the election process.

Political ads on Google must disclose their source of funding, and ad information is available in an online library.

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