The article discusses data processing for content delivery and advertising purposes, including the use of cookies and device identifiers. 

It emphasizes the use of strictly necessary cookies for essential website functions, such as log-in, language preferences, and performance measurement. 

Advertising cookies are used to build a user profile for targeted advertising on other sites, without storing personal information directly. 

Social media cookies enable sharing content and track browsing behavior across different sites, potentially influencing the content seen on other websites. 

Third-party analytics cookies are used to understand website usage and improve products, potentially used on websites not operated by Microsoft. 

The article mentions the storage and access of information on devices and the use of precise geolocation data for various purposes. 

Personalized ads and content, ad/content measurement, audience insights, and product development are highlighted as key functions. 

The article mentions the active scanning of device characteristics for identification, ensuring security, preventing fraud, and debugging activities. 

Technical delivery of ads or content, matching and combining offline data sources, linking different devices, and using automatically-sent device characteristics for identification are always active processes. 

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