Before embarking on the journey to download GTA 5 on your Android device, it is important to ensure that your device meets the necessary requirements. Here are the key specifications needed:

1. Operating System: Your Android device must be running on Android 7.0 or later versions. This is essential to ensure the compatibility and smooth functioning of the game.

2. RAM: GTA 5 is a highly immersive and graphics-intensive game, so it requires a device with sufficient RAM capacity. It is recommended to have at least 4GB or more of RAM to enjoy an optimal gaming experience.

3. Processor: The processor of your Android device plays a vital role in handling the graphics and overall performance of the game. It is advised to have a device with a quad-core or higher processor clocked at 1.8 GHz or more.

4. Storage Space: GTA 5 is a large game, and it requires a significant amount of storage space to install and run smoothly. Ensure that you have a minimum of 4GB of free space available on your device to accommodate the game files.

5. Graphics: As GTA 5 is known for its stunning visuals, it is important to have a device with good graphics capabilities. Look for devices with an Adreno 530 or higher GPU or an equivalent graphic processor to ensure a visually immersive gaming experience.

It is worth mentioning that meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee flawless gameplay, as device performance may vary based on additional factors like battery life, screen size, and network connectivity. 

Nevertheless, fulfilling these requirements will significantly enhance your chances of enjoying GTA 5 on Android without any major disruptions.

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