Adobe, a 40-year-old tech company, has become one of America's most valuable tech companies due to its dominance in the creative software market.

It was founded in 1982 and has evolved from offering a single product to a suite of products used by millions of creative professionals worldwide.

Adobe's success is attributed to breakthrough products, acquisitions, and transitioning to a subscription-based model.

Adobe, a leader in creative software, reported a record $15.79 billion revenue in 2021.

Founded in 1982, Adobe started with "PostScript," a language for laser printers, revolutionizing desktop publishing.

Strategic acquisitions like Aldus and Macromedia expanded Adobe's product line, including Photoshop and Dreamweaver.

Adobe adapted to the market by transitioning from one-time purchases to a subscription-based Cloud model in 2011.

The Cloud model enabled affordable monthly subscriptions, which now make up 90% of Adobe's revenue.

Adobe's biggest acquisition, Figma, for $20 billion, showcases its commitment to innovation.

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