Many American offices are vacant, with a record 94 million ft² of empty space in Manhattan, leading to investor concerns.

Converting offices to apartments is proposed as a solution to the housing shortage and underutilized office space.

Challenges include suitability of buildings for conversion, regulations, and cost-effectiveness.

Developers modify building layouts, introduce new amenities, and address access to light and air for successful conversions.

Converted apartments tend to be expensive, catering to a specific market segment.

The trend is more prominent in certain cities like Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia, driven by zoning policies and tax incentives.

The conversion process can impact city finances, tax revenue, and housing supply, but various factors affect its success.

Zoning regulations play a crucial role, with some cities facilitating conversions more than others.

Critics argue tax breaks favor developers, while supporters believe increased housing supply will stabilize markets.

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