Fiber-optic internet, with its capacity and reliability, is rapidly expanding and is considered the best broadband technology.

The demand for fiber products has increased due to government support, the pandemic's impact, and 5G expansion.

🚀 Fiber-optic internet has vast capacity, outperforming other alternatives.

🏙️ Fiber connections are crucial for internet infrastructure, including subsea cables and data centers.

🌐 The US government's support aims to bridge the digital divide with $65 billion for broadband expansion.

📈 Demand for fiber products is rising, leading to a global shortage of fiber-optic cable.

💡 The pandemic highlighted the importance of reliable internet access, driving fiber adoption.

💻 Big tech companies are major buyers of fiber products, investing in subsea networks and data centers.

🛠️ Labor shortages and installation costs are challenges in deploying fiber networks.

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