Venus: Earth's "evil twin," with a scorching surface temperature of 864°F (462°C) and crushing pressure, covered in sulfuric acid clouds.

Venera Missions: Soviet engineering triumph to land on Venus despite extreme conditions and challenges.

Venera 4: First successful probe in 1967, survived atmospheric entry, sent back atmospheric data before being crushed.

Venera 7: 1970's success, transmitted data for 23 minutes after landing, provided crucial insights into Venus.

Venera 9 and 10: 1975 missions sent back first black and white, then color photos of Venus' surface.

Mic and Sensors: Venera probes incorporated microphones and advanced instruments to study the hostile environment.

Legacy: Soviet achievements with Venera probes paved the way for future Venus missions and expanded our understanding of the planet.

Recording the Atmosphere: Microphones aboard Venera probes provided a sonic dimension, transmitting sounds from a world like no other.

The Soviet Union's audacious endeavor to unveil the mysteries of Venus serves as a testament to the human spirit's relentless pursuit of knowledge and exploration.

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