Huawei's new chip in the Mate 60 series is generating excitement and concerns, potentially challenging US sanctions.

Privacy concerns arise as Mozilla reveals that car manufacturers extensively collect and share personal data from their vehicles.

The European Union's Digital Markets Act will impact several major tech platforms, promoting competition and data interoperability.

 Huawei's Kirin 9000s chip impresses with 5G capabilities and competitive performance.

Car manufacturers, including Tesla, receive criticism for invasive data collection in vehicles.

The EU's Digital Markets Act targets tech giants for greater competition and data sharing.

Nebula offers a lifetime membership option to accelerate growth and content development.

Privacy concerns rise as car companies share user data with external partners.

Qualcomm may face challenges as Huawei's chip success could lead to a price war. Car privacy issues highlight the need for privacy-focused car brands in the future.

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