Global Shortage: Ukraine relies heavily on 155 mm artillery rounds due to their effectiveness in countering Russian forces, leading to a global shortage of these rounds.

Essential Ammunition: 155 mm rounds are vital for Ukraine's artillery weapons, offering a balance between power and weight, with a range of up to 20 miles.

Cost-Effective: These rounds are affordable compared to advanced weaponry, costing as little as $800 each, making them a cost-effective solution.

Scranton Plant: The Scranton Army Ammunition Plant in Pennsylvania produces the M795 155 mm round, contributing almost half of the US' monthly supply, aiming for increased production.

Manufacturing Process: The manufacturing process involves forging, shaping, and assembling the shells over three days, culminating in lethal explosives added on the battlefield.

Cluster Bomb Controversy: The US decision to send cluster bomb-equipped 155 mm shells to Ukraine raises ethical concerns due to civilian harm; these shells are banned in many countries.

Ukraine's Struggle: Ukraine's military heavily relies on these rounds to retake Russian-occupied territory, highlighting the importance of maintaining a sufficient supply.

The Scranton Army Ammunition Plant plays a pivotal role in producing these rounds.

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