ISPs and lobby groups oppose the US plan to prevent discrimination in broadband access. 

The plan proposed by FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel includes rules against discrimination based on income, race, etc. 

ISPs argue that the plan's inclusion of pricing in determining discrimination is problematic. 

They also believe the rules are too broad and will lead to unnecessary regulation. 

The plan defines digital discrimination and covers various aspects of broadband service, including deployment, pricing, and customer service. 

ISPs and trade groups may sue the FCC if the rules are approved. 

FCC Chair Rosenworcel defends the inclusion of pricing in the plan and rejects industry arguments against it. 

Republican Commissioner Brendan Carr criticizes the plan, arguing it grants the FCC unprecedented control over the internet sector. 

Consumer advocacy groups support the plan but criticize its lack of transparency in the complaint process. 

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