Apple has released iOS 17.0.3, a software update for its iPhone 15 lineup.

The update is aimed at resolving heating issues, primarily for iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max users.

It's also available for other recently launched iPhone models.

The update fixes a kernel exploit that could have been exploited in earlier iOS versions.

It addresses a buffer overflow issue known as the libvpx bug.

The update aims to cool down iPhone 15 Pro models that were running warmer than expected, possibly triggered by apps like Instagram, Uber, and Asphalt 9: Legends.

Apple claims that the overheating issues do not pose a risk to users and are not related to hardware design.

The iPhone 15 models are priced starting from Rs. 79,900 in India.

iPhone 15 models priced from Rs. 79,900 in India, while iPhone 15 Pro models start at Rs. 1,39,900.

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