The Indian government is considering changing the country's official name to "Bharat," sparking controversy and political debates.

Speculation arises after an official dinner invite to G20 delegates referred to the country's president as the President of Bharat instead of India.

The Indian constitution mentions both "India" and "Bharat," which are used interchangeably by the people.

A special session of parliament has been announced, fueling speculation about the name change.

Some Indians support the name change, viewing it as a way to reclaim their cultural identity, while others see it as a political move.

The debate includes discussions about decolonization and the perception of India as an elitist Western concept compared to "Bharat" representing ordinary people.

The opposition accuses the government of using the name change controversy to target them in upcoming elections.

The name change debate has historical, cultural, and political dimensions, with varying interpretations of India's identity.

In the end, the name of a nation is not merely a symbolic choice but one that carries profound historical and cultural significance.

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