North Korean leader Kim Jong Un oversaw a strategic cruise missile test and visited a navy unit.

Kim inspected a fleet in the East Sea (Sea of Japan) and observed a drill launching "strategic cruise missiles."

The drill aimed to confirm the combat function of the ship and its missile system and improve crew skills for attack missions in actual war.

The specific date of the visit and details about the missiles were not provided in the report.

South Korea criticized the report for containing exaggerations and discrepancies.

The Ulchi Freedom Shield joint military drills between South Korea and the United States began, aimed at countering threats from North Korea.

North Korea views such exercises as invasion rehearsals and warns of overwhelming action in response.

Suspected North Korean hackers targeted the exercises, launching email attacks on South Korean contractors.

The leaders of the US, South Korea, and Japan met for a summit, agreeing on closer security cooperation, regular exercises, data sharing on North Korea, and annual summits.

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