The London Underground is facing a growing concern as pickpocketing incidents continue to surge.

Both the Central and Northern lines are grappling with this issue, with the Central line reporting around 1200 incidents and the Northern line documenting about 1100 incidents in the previous year.

Escalating pickpocketing cases demand immediate attention on the London Underground.

Central line and Northern line particularly affected, reporting approximately 1200 and 1100 incidents respectively in the last year.

Distribution of incidents: 50% occurring on trains, 23% on platforms, and 7% at entrances/exits.

Analysis reveals Fridays as the prime target for theft, while Thursdays experience the lowest occurrence.

Certain London boroughs, including Westminster and Camden, grapple with a high incidence of pickpocketing incidents.

Statistical data highlights the concentration of theft cases on specific days, emphasizing the need for increased vigilance.

Travelers advised to exercise caution during their commute, particularly on Fridays, when pickpocketing instances are most prevalent.

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